At Apex, our mission is to supply you with premium grade, eco-friendly outdoor equipment at an affordable price. Our products are sustainably sourced without coming at the expense of quality or raising the cost.

Whether you're about to go out on a DoE expedition or just a leisurely hike; if you're in the market for outdoor equipment, then Apex can provide an all-round kit that's stylish, safe, sustainable, convenient, compact and cost effective.

Be ready! Be safe! Be active! With Apex. 

Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

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Apex is a branch of Young Enterprise

A Company Limited by Guarantee No. 712260 Charity No. 313697 Registered office: Young Enterprise, Yeoman House, Sekforde Street, London EC1R 0HF ,Place of Business at Chesham Grammar School, White Hill, Buckinghamshire. Apex or the Website Owners do not accept any liability that may arise from using this website. We do not collect or keep any data or cookies.

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