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Apex is a branch of Young Enterprise

A Company Limited by Guarantee No. 712260 Charity No. 313697 Registered office: Young Enterprise, Yeoman House, Sekforde Street, London EC1R 0HF ,Place of Business at Chesham Grammar School, White Hill, Buckinghamshire. Apex or the Website Owners do not accept any liability that may arise from using this website. We do not collect or keep any data or cookies.

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What is the Apex Survival Kit?

The Apex Survival Kit is a strikingly simple way to ensure you're always equipped for any outdoors activities; from camping to hiking, the Apex Kits are sure to have an essential item which you may have otherwise missed.

Planning and preparation can be hard and time consuming, it's so easy to forget things when you're in a rush or just unsure of what to bring. With Apex Survival Kits that's no longer a problem, in one convenient , all-around package - you can ensure you're prepared for any situation, completely stress free!

Blisters aren't particularly dangerous or deadly, so you may not think it's important to bring equipment to counteract them.


However, it can't be said that a nasty blister doesn't have the potential to completely ruin an otherwise enjoyable trip.


Thanks to the Apex survival kit's eco-friendly blister plasters, you don't have to worry about that!

Bugs are such a hassle, or at least they were until you got this bug bracelet in your Apex survival kit!


By simply slipping on a bracelet you can completely eliminate annoying bugs and bites.

When you're thinking all about survival, it can be easy to forget the more mundane items - such as those used for hygiene.


No worries though, Apex has got your back, with this special bamboo toothbrush!

While ticks aren't extremely common, the serious damage they can potentially cause isn't to be underestimated, removing them can also be deceptively difficult.

This tick remover could save you from facing some dire consequences 

Matches are an obvious thing to bring, no doubt most people would think to pack matches when preparing for an expedition.

Ensuring that the matches are waterproof however is a less obvious thing to do - luckily Apex accounts for all situations.

All this and more is available in one convenient package for a mere £6.99! It's an absolute steal in terms of value for money! If you're interested in buying an Apex Survival Kit, and how could you not be, then visit our YE storepage or check the events tab to see where and when we'll be selling next.  

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